Todd Macaluso Thoughts On Ethics

Todd Macaluso has always taken on leadership roles whether at school, in his community, or on the job.  Being in a position of power and influence in an organization is a huge responsibility.  Personal decisions and company actions affect a large array of individuals so they must be scrutinized and held to the highest level of standards.  The standards alone should not be what keep people or companies in check; there should also be a desire to uphold a personal code of ethics.


Every month, Todd Macaluso attends a meeting for a group that discusses current events, professionalism, and ethics.  Ethics seems to be a difficult topics these days, as ethics have appeared to become lax. The way Todd Macaluso sees it, you must do no harm and take personal responsibility for your actions.


Todd Macaluso took personal interest in a case with online pharmacies.  A young man was able to order pain killers off the internet and overdosed on them.  Clearly, the online pharmacy had not created enough regulation within the company to foresee and prevent this tragedy. Todd Macaluso believes so strongly in ethical business and taking personal responsibility that he assisted in lobbying congress for the passing of the Ryan Haight Act. Later, he was a key player in successfully banning the sale of ephidra-based diet drugs in America – another example of forcing a company to admit fault and take responsibility.


To encourage ethic business across your organization, Todd Macaluso advises you to first practice what you preach. There is a trickle down effect in business that starts at the top. When owners and managers operate in an ethical way, it demonstrates to employees they must also conduct themselves accordingly.  It’s not just in business either; this applies to your daily life as well.


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