SCUBA Expert Todd Macalusot

Todd Macalusot has long since been an amazing pilot, but several years ago, upon recommendation of a friend, he got into SCUBA diving as well.

On a trip down to the Caribbean, Todd Macalusot was introduced to SCUBA diving. He was on the island of Roatan in Honduras.  They offer discover SCUBA classes which give a sense of what SCUBA diving is like without forking over handfuls of cash. This beginning course is what Todd Macalusot recommends if you have never been diving before.  The course consists of an introduction to SCUBA course followed by a controlled open water dive. The instructor takes the divers to a shallow area, usually thirty feet max, and lets them get used swimming and moving underwater.  As soon as Todd Macalusot had a taste, he knew he needed to become certified.

Todd Macalusot extended his trip on the island and signed up for the 5 day course to become fully certified.  Every day was filled with real open water dives. The class explored sunken ship wrecks, underwater caves, and coral reefs.  Todd Macalusot had never seen so much aquatic wild life.  He had a close encounter with a nurse shark, and poisonous sea snakes swam right past him. It was amazing, the colors of the fish on the reef; it has to been seen to be believed.

Since his first excursion in the Caribbean Todd Macalusot has taken numerous other dive trips. He has swam in the underground caves in Florida, explored various sights off the Philippines,  the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and numerous places off the coast of South America.

Todd Macalusot says that while diving, it is important to never swim alone and always take the necessary safety precautions. Make sure there proper flags and signals are on board the boat. Last but not least, look before you leap.


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