Todd Macalusot’s Perfect Flight Record

In all the years Todd Macalusot has been flying, he hasn’t had an accident or as much as a ticket from the FAA. Not many pilots can claim the same feat. Todd Macalusot claims it is due to attention to detail and a level head.  He has logged thousands of miles and each flight is treated in the same meticulous way.


Every flight he makes sure he is focused. When the pilot is distracted, this is when mistakes are made. Todd Macalusot takes the time to go over his preflight check sheet. He takes the time to go over all the equipment and every instrument.  Every part of the aircraft has to be in tip top working order before he will even consider taking off.


After he has run down the preflight check sheet, he hops up in the cock pit and straps himself in.  It is hard to believe all that is involved with each and every flight, but you are putting yourself at risk if you hurry and skip steps, says Todd Macalusot. He radios the flight tower to make sure the runway is clear and they contact him and let him know that he is “green lighted” to pull out onto the tarmac.


One last look left then right and Todd Macalusot flips the engine on. The plane fires forward at an incredible speed. He slowly pulls back on the controls and the plane lifts into the air.  He makes it seem almost effortless. It has taken hundreds of logged flight hours to become the expert that he is. Being a pilot is not something that Todd Macalusot recommends for the faint of heart.  You must also be diligent about the entire process – it must become a ritual and never deviated from. It is this attitude that has led to his incident free flight record.


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