San Diego and Todd Macaluso

As an active and involved resident of San Diego, Todd Macaluso is the go-to guy if you happen to be visiting this great city. Todd Macaluso has lived in San Diego for seventeen years now and cannot imagine living anywhere else. He loves the weather for starts, but that is literally just the start.

If you have children, Todd Macaluso recommends that you make sure to stop by San Diego’s world famous zoo, and don’t forget to say “Hello” to Shamu, at Sea World. Those two stops will definitely not disappoint.

If you are more of a beach bum, hang out at Todd Macaluso’s favorite beach, Crystal Pier. You can walk down the beach, collecting shells. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the aquatic life, which consists of whales, dolphins, seals, and otters. If you get tired of walking on the sand, there are plenty of shops close by. There are a plethora of funky vintage shops and quirky places to grab an afternoon bite.

Todd Macaluso has traveled all over the world and has a taste for many different cuisines, which is another reason he loves San Diego. He can find all of his favorite international dishes, authentically prepared. For any deliciously spicy Asian dish, you can head to China Town.  Foo Lins or Mi Sums have the best dumplings you will ever taste. Another great place that Todd Macaluso always brings his guest to is a small Irish Bar called McFaden’s. No matter what night of the week you come, it is always packed; it is a definite local favorite.

At least once in your life, Todd Macaluso recommends making a trip to San Diego. The only problem you may have is a lack of time to really enjoy everything this fantastic city has to offer.


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