Todd Macaluso Helps Out in Haiti

In 2009, a devastating earthquake rocked Haiti. Houses, villages, and families were torn apart.  Many rushed to help by donating food and money. Todd Macaluso decided he could do more than just send supplies. He wanted to be an active volunteer. Volunteering and philanthropy has always been important to Todd Macaluso. It brings him joy helping others in need and making the world a better place. He tries to encourage others to do the same.

Todd Macaluso rallied his community and organized ways to gather medical supplies, dry goods, water, and other items the earthquake victims needed. He loaded up his personal aircraft, Todd Macaluso is an expert pilot, and chartered a path to Haiti. Todd Macaluso has used his airplane for charity before, but this is the first time he had used it in a disaster setting. He didn’t know what to expect and tried to prepare for the worst.

When he arrived, he said the sight was devastating. Witnessing it, you couldn’t imagine someone living there at one time.  There were makeshift tent towns for all the survivors and a lack of food and fresh water. The refugees greeted Todd Macaluso with smiles and gratitude. He said it was one of the most rewarding things he has ever done. The people were extremely grateful.

After Todd Macaluso had dropped off the supplies, he continued to help.  He used his plane to evacuate the sick and injured. He delivered them to various medical facilities in Haiti and the U.S. for care. Without his help many of the victims would have died.

If that wasn’t enough, Todd Macaluso’s firm generously gave $100,000 to help the victims of the earthquake. Todd Macaluso believes that if you have the ability to give, you should.  He hopes that he can lead by example and inspire others to volunteer and give, even if it is just a little.



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