Todd Macaluso Thoughts On Ethics

Todd Macaluso has always taken on leadership roles whether at school, in his community, or on the job.  Being in a position of power and influence in an organization is a huge responsibility.  Personal decisions and company actions affect a large array of individuals so they must be scrutinized and held to the highest level of standards.  The standards alone should not be what keep people or companies in check; there should also be a desire to uphold a personal code of ethics.


Every month, Todd Macaluso attends a meeting for a group that discusses current events, professionalism, and ethics.  Ethics seems to be a difficult topics these days, as ethics have appeared to become lax. The way Todd Macaluso sees it, you must do no harm and take personal responsibility for your actions.


Todd Macaluso took personal interest in a case with online pharmacies.  A young man was able to order pain killers off the internet and overdosed on them.  Clearly, the online pharmacy had not created enough regulation within the company to foresee and prevent this tragedy. Todd Macaluso believes so strongly in ethical business and taking personal responsibility that he assisted in lobbying congress for the passing of the Ryan Haight Act. Later, he was a key player in successfully banning the sale of ephidra-based diet drugs in America – another example of forcing a company to admit fault and take responsibility.


To encourage ethic business across your organization, Todd Macaluso advises you to first practice what you preach. There is a trickle down effect in business that starts at the top. When owners and managers operate in an ethical way, it demonstrates to employees they must also conduct themselves accordingly.  It’s not just in business either; this applies to your daily life as well.


Losing Weight the Healthy Way with Todd Macaluso

Todd Macaluso is a successful business man and an avid pilot and scuba diver.  He knows the importance of staying active and fit.  It isn’t easy to keep your trim figure, and he knows that people are tempted by taking short cuts.  Todd Macaluso warns of the health hazards of these short cuts. He has some tips and things to watch out for.


First, it is important to set goals for yourself. There must be a tangible goal that you are working for in order to keep track of your progress.


Also, make your goals realistic. If your goal is ten pounds in a week, you are setting yourself up for failure. Reach your goals by using both diet and exercise.

Remember, many people see higher levels of success if they have a partner to keep them accountable. So consider creating a workout plan with a friend or significant other to help stay on track.


You must change your eating habits: cut out sodas, sugary snacks, and fast food. It is amazing how much weight you will lose with just a simple change in diet.


Don’t try to cheat at weight loss by taking just pills. Most of these pills claim to stimulate weight loss without a change in diet or behavior. If any weight is lost it is water weight and can be quickly gained back.


A big advocate of healthy living, Todd Macaluso played a large part in getting diet pills containing ephedrine banned. Ephedrine is a stimulant that reduces appetite and gives you energy.  The problem with the miracle diet pill was that its side effects included heart failure.  Knowing how dangerous these pills were, Todd Macaluso took on a large role in getting these substances banned.  Today, Todd Macaluso advocated healthy weight loss. It is the only way to lose the weight and keep it off.

Todd Macalusot is Assisting the Homeless and Hungry in His Community

After moving to San Diego in 1996 Todd Macaluso noticed the large homeless and impoverished population. Seeing so many homeless and struggling individuals upset Todd Macaluso, and he decided that he was going to do everything he could to help these people get back on their feet.


Todd Macaluso assists individuals with trying to reestablish themselves and finding housing for them.  He believes that a home and community helps to give a person identity. It gives them a connection to the rest of society. These are all things that are vital pieces in determining a person’s success level.


Another way that Todd Macaluso has helped the less fortunate is through the old adage: if you give a man a fish, he won’t be hungry today, but teach him to fish, he will never go hungry. Instead of just donating food to various Food Banks, Todd Macaluso donated $60,000 to Kendall Farms Produce to help install three water wells. These three water wells, installed on a remote part of the farm, are used to water, grow, and cultivate fruits and vegetables for the impoverished and less fortunate.  Todd Macaluso donated something sustainable that will continue to give back to the community.


Pay attention in your area for ways that you can help.  If you are charged up about charity work, consider starting an event yourself.  Todd Macaluso has a few ideas for events or places that always need volunteers.


  • Local soup kitchens always need assistance serving food, especially on holidays; they are some of the busiest times. Consider making it a family tradition.
  • Churches hold food and clothing on a regular basis. Drop off a variety of canned goods. Winter coats are in demand.  They are usually expensive items, so if you have an extra one you don’t use anymore it makes a great donation.
  •  5k for Charity! There are those that would rather give graciously instead of running, but when you show up to an event it helps to rally the community around a cause when there is a large turnout. 5 kilometers really isn’t that far, and it goes by quickly if you bring a few friends.


Get out and get involved and you won’t regret it!

SCUBA Expert Todd Macalusot

Todd Macalusot has long since been an amazing pilot, but several years ago, upon recommendation of a friend, he got into SCUBA diving as well.

On a trip down to the Caribbean, Todd Macalusot was introduced to SCUBA diving. He was on the island of Roatan in Honduras.  They offer discover SCUBA classes which give a sense of what SCUBA diving is like without forking over handfuls of cash. This beginning course is what Todd Macalusot recommends if you have never been diving before.  The course consists of an introduction to SCUBA course followed by a controlled open water dive. The instructor takes the divers to a shallow area, usually thirty feet max, and lets them get used swimming and moving underwater.  As soon as Todd Macalusot had a taste, he knew he needed to become certified.

Todd Macalusot extended his trip on the island and signed up for the 5 day course to become fully certified.  Every day was filled with real open water dives. The class explored sunken ship wrecks, underwater caves, and coral reefs.  Todd Macalusot had never seen so much aquatic wild life.  He had a close encounter with a nurse shark, and poisonous sea snakes swam right past him. It was amazing, the colors of the fish on the reef; it has to been seen to be believed.

Since his first excursion in the Caribbean Todd Macalusot has taken numerous other dive trips. He has swam in the underground caves in Florida, explored various sights off the Philippines,  the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and numerous places off the coast of South America.

Todd Macalusot says that while diving, it is important to never swim alone and always take the necessary safety precautions. Make sure there proper flags and signals are on board the boat. Last but not least, look before you leap.

Todd Macalusot’s Perfect Flight Record

In all the years Todd Macalusot has been flying, he hasn’t had an accident or as much as a ticket from the FAA. Not many pilots can claim the same feat. Todd Macalusot claims it is due to attention to detail and a level head.  He has logged thousands of miles and each flight is treated in the same meticulous way.


Every flight he makes sure he is focused. When the pilot is distracted, this is when mistakes are made. Todd Macalusot takes the time to go over his preflight check sheet. He takes the time to go over all the equipment and every instrument.  Every part of the aircraft has to be in tip top working order before he will even consider taking off.


After he has run down the preflight check sheet, he hops up in the cock pit and straps himself in.  It is hard to believe all that is involved with each and every flight, but you are putting yourself at risk if you hurry and skip steps, says Todd Macalusot. He radios the flight tower to make sure the runway is clear and they contact him and let him know that he is “green lighted” to pull out onto the tarmac.


One last look left then right and Todd Macalusot flips the engine on. The plane fires forward at an incredible speed. He slowly pulls back on the controls and the plane lifts into the air.  He makes it seem almost effortless. It has taken hundreds of logged flight hours to become the expert that he is. Being a pilot is not something that Todd Macalusot recommends for the faint of heart.  You must also be diligent about the entire process – it must become a ritual and never deviated from. It is this attitude that has led to his incident free flight record.

San Diego and Todd Macaluso

As an active and involved resident of San Diego, Todd Macaluso is the go-to guy if you happen to be visiting this great city. Todd Macaluso has lived in San Diego for seventeen years now and cannot imagine living anywhere else. He loves the weather for starts, but that is literally just the start.

If you have children, Todd Macaluso recommends that you make sure to stop by San Diego’s world famous zoo, and don’t forget to say “Hello” to Shamu, at Sea World. Those two stops will definitely not disappoint.

If you are more of a beach bum, hang out at Todd Macaluso’s favorite beach, Crystal Pier. You can walk down the beach, collecting shells. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the aquatic life, which consists of whales, dolphins, seals, and otters. If you get tired of walking on the sand, there are plenty of shops close by. There are a plethora of funky vintage shops and quirky places to grab an afternoon bite.

Todd Macaluso has traveled all over the world and has a taste for many different cuisines, which is another reason he loves San Diego. He can find all of his favorite international dishes, authentically prepared. For any deliciously spicy Asian dish, you can head to China Town.  Foo Lins or Mi Sums have the best dumplings you will ever taste. Another great place that Todd Macaluso always brings his guest to is a small Irish Bar called McFaden’s. No matter what night of the week you come, it is always packed; it is a definite local favorite.

At least once in your life, Todd Macaluso recommends making a trip to San Diego. The only problem you may have is a lack of time to really enjoy everything this fantastic city has to offer.

Todd Macaluso Helps Out in Haiti

In 2009, a devastating earthquake rocked Haiti. Houses, villages, and families were torn apart.  Many rushed to help by donating food and money. Todd Macaluso decided he could do more than just send supplies. He wanted to be an active volunteer. Volunteering and philanthropy has always been important to Todd Macaluso. It brings him joy helping others in need and making the world a better place. He tries to encourage others to do the same.

Todd Macaluso rallied his community and organized ways to gather medical supplies, dry goods, water, and other items the earthquake victims needed. He loaded up his personal aircraft, Todd Macaluso is an expert pilot, and chartered a path to Haiti. Todd Macaluso has used his airplane for charity before, but this is the first time he had used it in a disaster setting. He didn’t know what to expect and tried to prepare for the worst.

When he arrived, he said the sight was devastating. Witnessing it, you couldn’t imagine someone living there at one time.  There were makeshift tent towns for all the survivors and a lack of food and fresh water. The refugees greeted Todd Macaluso with smiles and gratitude. He said it was one of the most rewarding things he has ever done. The people were extremely grateful.

After Todd Macaluso had dropped off the supplies, he continued to help.  He used his plane to evacuate the sick and injured. He delivered them to various medical facilities in Haiti and the U.S. for care. Without his help many of the victims would have died.

If that wasn’t enough, Todd Macaluso’s firm generously gave $100,000 to help the victims of the earthquake. Todd Macaluso believes that if you have the ability to give, you should.  He hopes that he can lead by example and inspire others to volunteer and give, even if it is just a little.